Sii Poland announces success in implementing new tool

Sii Poland engineers have implemented a testing support platform – Tricentis Tosca – for one of their key clients.  The tool has helped to lower the project time on a computer from 12 days to 6 hours. 

“A detailed analysis of the company’s potential and needs helped us choose the right tool. Numerous projects in the company are already at the maintenance stage and the next ones are stable enough to start the automation process”, says Leszek Ćwil, Delivery Management at Sii Poland.

No skills needed

One of the biggest advantages of Tosca is that it can be used by people without programming skills. An engineer may be ready to start working after having completed two online training sessions which are certified and last a total of about a week.

Tricentis Tosca is a platform supporting the full continuous testing process, from business risk-based testing – through automation, performance testing and test data management – to service virtualisation. It is one of the few tools that can meet the requirements of the agile software development methodologies – Agile and DevOps – that are gaining in popularity. At the same time, Tosca is an extremely approachable solution. By minimising the amount of code (low-code/no-code), a manual or business tester can automate complex scenarios for over 160 technologies. It is already used on the market to automate testing of web, desktop, mobile and API applications.

Succesful automation

“We decided to automate the project in two independent directions at the same time”, says Mariusz Staniec, Test & Analysis Engineer at Sii Poland (previously working as a manual tester). This covers scenarios with the highest degree of business risk on the one hand, and with the highest degree of labour intensity in manual tests on the other. As a result, after just one month of work, we were able to move two testers to other projects, and after half a year of work, we automated 80% of regression tests.

Due to the high workload needed to automate and maintain the tests in Selenium, this tool is used almost exclusively to automate master scenarios.

Written by  Sii Poland

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