Security and smartphones – Here is what’s trending in software this week

It’s been a long, cold and wet week where all anyone wants to do is go home and enjoy the warmth. Halloween is just around the corner but despite this, many great software companies have not had their spirits dampened by the bad weather or been scared off by the cold. They have kept on going and made some phantastic announcements. These are just a few of them:

More media cybersecurity

End-to-end QA security firm, Eurofins Digital Testing, has launched a cybersecurity division that offers media companies supplementary cybersecurity services. The aim of the project is to increase online protection for people, process and technology across media platforms. “Continuous change and innovation across the media industry also means we have to keep on thinking about security best practice. The DPP’s Committed to Security programme is designed to promote such thinking, and we have been delighted to see it widely adopted,” said Mark Harrison, DPP Managing Director.

Swipe up identity feature announced

Veridos, a global integrated identity solutions firm, has introduced a SwipeUp ID to provide quick and secure identity verification for smartphones. On this exciting move for both security and smart technology, Dr. Silke Bargstädt-Franke, Head of Product Management at Veridos says “we developed an alternative smartphone-based solution to offer our customers a cost-effective and secure verification solution of chipless documents.”

Security survey has interesting finds

A State of Software Security (SoSS) report has been published by the app security organisation Veracode. Just one of the results of the report found that 56% of all security findings are fixed, with the consequence of this being that aging flaws are being ignored, which is leading to an increase in security debt. The 10th annual report analysed scans of a massive 85,000 applications.

4G accessible in ‘not-spots’

The government has announced a plan to make 4G accessible in places across the UK where it was previously unavailable. A deal was made with the UK’s telecom giants and aims to get 95% of the UK covered by 4G by 2025. Digital Secretary Nicky Morgan said: “Brokering an agreement for mast sharing between networks alongside new investment in mobile infrastructure will mean people get a good 4G signal no matter where they are or which provider they’re with”

From security reports to smartphones, software is constantly adapting and moving forward. Let’s see what the next week holds!


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