Russia is thinking of legalising software copyright violations due to sanctions

It was recently reported that Russia is currently considering giving licenses to use foreign software, database, and chip design patents, and legalising software copyright violations, following the sanctions imposed.

Indeed, the Russian business publication Kommersant has outlined the best actions to support the Russian economy such as giving tax breaks for technology firms and conscription deferments for IT workers so as to keep its core resources and talents. The document also proposes a compulsory license for patented software, databases, and chip designs, as well as might abolish criminal and administrative liability for software license violations for rights holders from countries supporting the sanctions against Russia.

By doing so, Russia aims to grant organizations licenses to use patented technology without the permission of the patent holders. Yet, with the rise of cloud computing, IT companies have now a better business model that can help them keep their intellectual assets safe in data centers. If the proposal is implemented, it might not be completely put into place due to official sanctions and boycotts of private vendors.


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