RPA to grow in importance in 2022

As many businesses are turning towards automation and robotics in order to improve their processes, 2022 will be seeing the rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Indeed, RPA is robot software able to perform repetitive processes that are quite similar to human interaction within a set of specific rules. It is configured as a component of intelligent automation which is enhanced through artificial intelligence and low-code tools. It will help improve workflows, efficiencies, customer services, as well as support the enterprise automation strategy.

The spread of the virus, the technologist shortages, and business process inefficiencies have created a rather high demand for RPA. Over the past year, RPA has been more and more embedded into application platforms, BPM systems, and digital transformation tools and services. Hence, there have been various RPA acquisitions and partnerships such as IBM’s acquisition of WDG or even Microsoft’s acquisition of Softomotive.


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