Royal Navy to use AI at sea for the first time

It was recently reported that the Royal Navy used Artificial Intelligence (AI) at sea for the first time ever along the coast of Scotland.
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Indeed, this initiative was done as part of Exercise Formidable Shield, which allowed the use of AI applications on the Type 45 Destroyer (HMS Dragon) and Type 23 Frigate (HMS Lancaster). The AI systems were then tested against a supersonic missile threat.

This programme aims to improve the early detection of lethal threat, as well as accelerating engagement timelines and providing Royal Navy Commanders with a rapid assessment so as to select the best measure to counter the threat. The Royal Navy’s use of A.I. for the first time at sea is an essential development so as to ensure it can face any future security attacks.

The applications were developed in partnership with Roke (Startle App), CGI (Sycoiea App), and BAE Systems, and can work alongside existing radar and combat management systems. The Startle A.I. system can ease the load on sailors monitoring the ‘Air Picture’ in the Operations Room by providing live recommendations and alerts. Meanwhile, the Sycoiea system is able to identify the nearest threat and how best to deal with it.

Bring AI onto the ship was a great achievement and this helps to secure the future of the Royal Navy. By investing in A.I. and increasing automation, it will also enable the Armed Forces to meet future threats.

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