Rise of Business operations, automation and no-code/low-code in 2021

A new study by Tonkean, in partnership with Lucid, revealed that business operations, automation, and no-code/low-code tools have increased in the past year.


Indeed, it was stated that more than 95% of IT and Ops teams declared that business operations have become a key function in their organization. 87% of IT and 73% of operations professionals also reported that automation is becoming more important in their organization, especially with the coronavirus crisis.


74% of IT teams declared having developers or engineers on their team to help develop software and write code for operations workflows, yet only 45% of Ops teams have the same access to developers or engineers.


Moreover, the survey revealed that IT teams are more likely to choose to build solutions for their operational challenges while ops professionals will buy software solutions rather than build them.


However, the survey also highlighted concerns with operations resources and tools as many enterprises pointed out that their projects were delayed due to a lack of technical resources. Only 24% are satisfied with their current toolset.


In order to manage these operational inefficiencies, 68% of IT teams reported that their budget was significantly increased. Moreover, IT and Ops professionals believe that no-code/low-code tools will empower their business in the long run. Hence, many organizations have expressed that they are adopting or will be adopting soon no-code/low-code tools.


Such an investment in automation, no-code/low-code, and AI/ML tools will bring more flexibility, scale processes, and help businesses meet customers’ needs quicker.

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