Researchers to develop free open-source software for more sustainable cities

Researchers at the Stanford Natural Capital Project recently developed a new free, open-source software that should help to design sustainable cities.

Indeed, this project should help cities around the world to improve people’s lives all the while saving money. The software, called Urban InVEST, will then create maps to visualise the connections between nature and human wellbeing in order to know where to make investments in nature that can benefit people.

With more people living in cities than before, it is vital that developers and city planners work together to construct a sustainable infrastructure that can is good for both people and nature. By using the new open-source software, developers will be able to determine where in a city is nature providing what benefits to people, how much of each benefit is it providing and who is receiving those benefits.

Moreover, the software will use the combination of environment data with social demographics and economic data. By doing so, users can input their city’s datasets into the software as well as access a diversity of open global data sources, from NASA satellites to local weather stations.

The new software will also be joining the Natural Capital Project’s existing InVEST software suite, which aims to help experts map and model the benefits that nature provides to people. Urban InVEST is currently being tested in multiple cities around the world.

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