Report revealed the need to build ethical AI-based technology

A new report by Corsight AI revealed that recently developed artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and biometric-related technologies would need to only be used for the moral and ethical good.

Indeed, it was reported that developers should be aware of the benefits and risks of the AI-based tools they create as well as ensuring that these systems are only used to benefit society. This then aims to protect human rights and guarantee the safety of citizens.

Besides, adding this human element in the process should help relieve some concerns about the use of AI and similar technologies, especially concerning facial recognition systems. Hence, giving AI-based technology training, bias awareness, regulations, and ethics are now vital.

The report encourages developers to work closely with clients in order to better understand the user requirements and legitimacy of the project. By doing so, they can support compliance to statutory obligations and build appropriate safeguards where vulnerabilities may arise. Especially when it comes to police use of the tech, it is important that suppliers are able to deliver greater transparency.


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