Report finds European CIOs underprepared for automation

A recent report from Forrester showed that 76% of European business leaders are underprepared for automation deployment.

Indeed, it was reported that European leaders are falling behind compared to other continents such as North America and the Asia Pacific in terms of automation preparedness. Besides, the study also highlighted that only 20% of European CIOs truly understand how can automation improve their business processes and help them have a faster rate of growth.

The industries most prepared for automation in Europe are utilities, manufacturing, and finance, with Germany leading the job market in automation. Southern and Eastern Europe, however, is expected to experience a slower adoption of automation due to its impact on production processes, employee and customer experience, and employment.

Moreover, the report anticipates limitations in progress, as enterprises are rethinking automation plans so as to take advantage of government stimulus packages and employment protection schemes. In the long term though, European leaders are expected to start building up business continuity resilience against major events.

Hence, it is very likely that Europe will turn towards lights-out manufacturing, with the deployment of fully automated manufacturing processes based on 5G technology, automated vehicles, and robots.


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