QualiTest signs US$3million multi-year partnership with DeepCoding

To develop a “revolutionary” AI testing tool, the world’s’ largest independent software testing company QualiTest has signed a US$3million multi-year partnership agreement with DeepCoding.

Improving work processes and decision-making in the field of quality engineering, both companies have established a joint team of testing and AI experts to design Test Predictor.

The AI testing tool is aimed for test professionals and IT managers around the world and is developed through an understanding of the needs and challenges that exist today in the testing world.

Predicting software quality issues

Test Predictor will help test professionals and IT managers make an informed decision, based on facts and data. It is capable of predicting software quality issues over different versions during development processes, as well as optimising test runs (both manual and automated).

“As AI continues to grow within markets globally, we are excited for the opportunity to expand QualiTest’s solutions offering and further establish ourselves as an industry leading player. We are excited to begin our partnership with DeepCoding, delivering a new and innovative solution – Test Predictor,” comments Aviram Shotten, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer at QualiTest.

“This partnership is the first of many AI integrations we anticipate delivering for our customers as the AI industry continues to expand and as QualiTest broadens its global presence.”

The AI tool is also integrated with existing testing tools, significantly increasing the velocity of testing throughput and enables organisations to undertake large-scale agile and DevOps initiatives on their own.

Written by Leah Alger

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