PwC to invest in Belfast’s technology centre

PwC recently made a £40 million investment to its Operate division so as to create around 771 new jobs in a new Advanced Research and Engineering Centre in Belfast.

By doing so, Belfast will be put at the centre of PwC’s strategy in the UK, allowing its influence and importance to grow over the years. Besides, this will enable the group’s Northern Ireland workforce to increase and reach almost 3,300 over the next five years.
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The Belfast centre will then offers more hands-on services for businesses.

It was also reported that Invest NI will be contributing up to £9.8m for 37 research and development projects as well as invest in the creation of 108 software and engineering roles. This will help PwC build a world-leading research and engineering team in Belfast, all the while growing Northern Ireland’s economy.

Hence, this project should allow Belfast to reinforce its role as a world leader in technology innovation as well as extend its capabilities in robotic process automation (RPA), workflow automation, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), among others.

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