Achieve 10x Productivity Gains with the Extreme in Shift-left Testing.

ScopeMaster® is the first and only automated analyser of software user stories.  It is a tool that helps product owners and analysts improve their user stories before coding even starts.  Work that previously took hours, now takes seconds.

Refine user stories and identify defects at blistering speed before coding has even begun.  With instant feedback and insight on your user stories, ScopeMaster brings automation to a neglected aspect of software development. It will help you:

  1. Find and fix potential defects in user stories
  2. Determine the functional size (ISO standard)
  3. Generate traceable functional test cases instantly

Using ScopeMaster will reduce rework and deliver productivity gains of around 10x on requirements analysis and test creation.

ScopeMaster Ltd was formed in the UK in 2018 to launch and sell the tool and professional services around the use of tool.

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