Xavier McGlynn

KPMG Testing Services

Xavier works as NFT Lead in KPMG Testing Services. He is a committed QA professional specialising in the creation of non-functional testing services focussed on business outcomes. As part of his performance test service manager duties, he is responsible for the strategic development and evolution of services that consistently deliver responsive, efficient and stable technology platforms for his customers. He achieves this through a deep and broad understanding of customer’s business drivers and defines and oversees delivery of best-fit testing solutions.


KPMG Continuous Testing and Auto-Triage

The arrival of Continuous Testing has re-energised the testing community and brought new and exciting challenges for us to solve. Can all test processes be automated? How do we efficiently incorporate production data and monitoring into our test case design? And how we do we deal with the flood of defects we can now create?

Logging defects automatically is easy – but capturing the defect root cause and making sure we don’t repeatedly capture the same defect is tricky.
For this presentation, KPMG Testing Services will provide an overview of our Continuous Testing framework, including our unique Auto-Triage feature which addresses this specific problem.

Join us to see the solution in action and find out more about how KPMG accelerates business change.