Tzvika Shahaf
VP of Product

Tzvika is the VP of Product at Perfecto, bringing over 18 years of experience in Product development, testing & Analytics, working daily with leading US fortune 500 & Global enterprises to optimize their Continuous Testing visibility and DevOps maturity. Tzvika is a blogger and contributor in 2 leading industry books: “The Digital Quality Handbook” and “Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals”


Guidelines to Measuring Test Automation ROI

Today, organizations strive toward continuous testing and DevOps in order to implement efficient CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) for their products. However, one aspect is slowing them down: test automation. While teams should be automating as much as possible, they constantly struggle to justify the investment.
Building a convincing business case for automation is not always easy. You must understand the full scope of benefits and how to measure their financial return. You must envision a roadmap that is catered to your organization and industry and know the metrics that best align with your team.

A comprehensive business case is crucial not only to ensure funding for automated testing, but also to enable business support for a testing transformation. A business case ought to cover test creation through execution, a lab that supports the right platforms, maintenance, and even smart analysis with AI/ML for cost-effective testing.

In this session, Tzvika Shahaf , perfecto AVP of Product , will walk you through:

  • How to build a compelling business case for automation.
  • The criteria needed for a successful transformation from manual to automated testing.
  • Key metrics that need to be baked into the ROI calculator.
  • Cost-saving examples for implementing test automation while considering AI and ML capabilities for test creation and analysis.