Marcel Kwakernaak

Marcel Kwakernaak
QA, Agile & DevOps Consultant

Marcel Kwakernaak is a test professional with 20 years of experience in Testing, QA, Release management, Agile / DevOps coaching. Specialized in helping teams to develop products that matter. Focused on value and quality consistently and raising innovative capabilities while doing so. The right product in the right way. He is a hands-on expert and an inspirational lead and coach. A true value driven and DevOps evangelist. He is experienced in helping organizations to benefit from User Story Mapping, Specification by Example, Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development, Test Automation and CI/CD. Motto: Start with the end-user in mind, aim for the MVP, increase experimenting, embrace fast failure and if it is difficult, practice more often.


The Quality Trap – Value Creation & Destruction in Agile Software Development

Many development teams fail to create significant user value due to a product-driven mindset. They focus on the quality of the product , they try to understand technical solutions and intend to increase velocity and deliverable output. The complete opposite approach is to focus on user value, to try to understand users benefits first and intend to increase user value by delivering the most valuable MVP continuously. This approach is called Value-Driven Development. Testers are well equipped team members to transform product driven teams into value driven teams. They are strong in communication with end-users and are able to present options clearly. They are able to explore and discover the most valuable next step as that is what they do all the time. On top of this they master the art of collecting and interpreting accurate test data that can help to accelerate the entire development effort.

Please join and participate in the session. The objective is to help each other to become value thinkers and to transform our teams into a value driven teams that make products that matter.