Jordi Moles
Head of DevOps
Third Bridge

Jordi Moles is the Head of Devops at Third Bridge, a financial research business that helps its clients make the right investment decisions.

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Jordi has successfully led complex technical projects such as datacenter consolidations or migrations of production workloads to the Cloud.

In the last few years, however, the focus has been on spreading the word about Devops Practices and building teams that work towards fully automated CI/CD Software Delivery Pipelines.


The role of QA in the era of DevOps

In many organisations, there is a pressure to reduce the time to market for new products and even achieve greater software quality at the same time. This can only be achieved with more automation and although the full meaning of Devops is constantly being discussed everywhere, there is a widespread consensus that Devops blurs the lines between Development, Operations and Quality Assurance by automating part of each group’s traditional responsibilities and moving towards fully automated CI/CD pipelines.

As businesses move towards adopting Devops Practises, what will the role of QA should be? Do we need QA as we know them today?