Inder Singh
Portfolio Test Manager
Royal Mail Group

Inder is a quality and testing leader with 14 years’ experience of trying to make his customer’s lives easier. He has delivered a number of high profile, customer facing and enterprise level product and service launches across the logistics, broadcast and media and telecommunication sectors.

He joined Royal Mail a couple of years ago to aid in their transformation to a lean and agile organisation that is equipped to deal with the challenges of digital delivery and innovation in a post privatisation world. Prior to that, he spent over a decade in the telecommunications media sector working for the likes of BBC, Ofcom and Sky on some of the most exciting things happening within that sector which included delivering Digital SwitchOver, launch of SkyQ and growth of Sky’s OnDemand streaming platforms.


Accessibility testing – The what, why and how?

Developing a fantastic product or service is great but you don’t want to alienate portions of your target segment right out of the door. That’s like going out to bat with one hand tied behind your back and expecting to hit it out of the park. And yet, that’s a pattern that’s repeated over and over again in countless scenarios all over the world.

This talk will explore some of the challenges faced by end users, what accessibility really means and why it’s imperative we design for it. Inder shares ideas on how teams can incorporate this into their chosen delivery methodology and explore some tools that can be used to test against the industry standards.