Adam Leon Smith

Adam Leon Smith is Chief Technology Officer of Dragonfly, a European consultancy, training and products firm that specialises in the intersection of AI and quality.  Adam also runs regular training courses in testing, test automation and testing issues related to AI systems. In addition, he is the current Chair of the British Computer Society’s Special Interest Group in Software Testing, the biggest UK non-profit testing group.

He is very active in ISO/IECs Artificial Intelligence standardisation community, where he leads the ISO/IEC projects developing a technical report on AI bias, and a standard for extending systems quality models to cover AI.   He is also a contributor to the IEEE’s Ethically Aligned Design standardisation initiative.

In his past, Adam has held senior roles at multinational financial services institutions, as well as ambitious startups, focussed on applying verification and validation techniques to complex systems and emerging technologies. Adam is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, and ForHumanity, an independent oversight body auditing the use of AI and contact tracing technology.   He is a regular speaker at conferences and a resident podcaster for the Ministry of Testing.