UST Global

UST Global

UST Global is a leading digital technology solutions company that provides advanced computing and digital services to large private and public enterprises around the world. Its clients include Fortune 500 companies in banking and financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail, technology, manufacturing, shipping, and telecom. UST Global believes in building long-lasting, strategic business relationships through agile and client-centric global engagement models that combine local experts and resources with cost, scale, and quality advantages of global operations.

The company’s next-generation digital consultancy, transforms lives through innovative technology solutions and pioneering social programs. These solutions are shaped to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of world’s most forward-thinking Fortune 500 organizations, helping them fully integrate digital solutions into their overall business processes. Since inception, its leadership has been driven by a larger purpose of Transforming Lives. The company has driven and partnered in various activities that transform lives of people in and around the communities it operates in, globally. ‘Impact India’ and ‘Step It Up America’ are two examples of programs where it has seamlessly merged this purpose with doing business.

This mission has added a unique dimension to its vision of becoming the primary trusted technology partner for its clients. It has found resonance with the leadership of large global corporations and has resulted in lasting business partnerships. The company’s core services (Products, Platforms, Transformational Services, Technology Accelerators, Software Life Cycle Services) blended with the digital vectors like Human Centered Design enables UST Global to be its customer’s ‘Your Everything Innovation’ partner. UST Global brings cutting edge technologies to unstructured and complex business problems through key accelerators and specialized services like S.M.A.R.T.S. (Social, Mobile, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things and Security), Algorithms, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AAA).

The company has over 17,000 associates spread out over 25 countries delivering these services to its customers. UST Global brings an entrepreneurial spirit that seeks the fastest path to value in today’s digital economy. UST Global lives its business model of “transforming lives” and achieve this claim of distinction by embracing and delivering using three key pillars:

  • Digital Impact @Scale – Designing for industrialization right from Innovation stage
  • Human Centered Innovation – Meaningful solutions that are desirable, accessible and useful to end users
  • Accelerating Possibilities – Realizing speed to value by digitally accelerating your business

UST Global’s award winning and IP Driven quality engineering services are built to provide several compelling outcomes that can radically change the quality of your products and services. The company has inevitably changed baseline quality by several fold for many of its Global 1000 customers. UST Global has had enormous success with scale in QA Operations, and has consistently delivered exponentially more value in terms of savings, efficiencies, and speed. The company owns 25+ testing and domain accelerators, which are bundled with steep expertise and strategies to increase savings from day one. The key differentiators of its quality engineering services are:

  • Rapid implementation of test automation by leveraging end to end and Scriptless test automation platforms
  • Accelerate the identification and provisioning of test data by enabling self service capabilities using our test data management framework
  • Early validation of user emotions using emotion detection technologies to enhance the end consumer experience
  • Zero impact transition framework to minimize business disruption during transition
  • Continuous Monitoring of quality indicators using AI and Analytics for proactive remediation