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Sandhata Technologies

Sandhata is a well-established IT consultancy specialising in integration, DevOps, and all aspects of IT transformation. Our mission is to help clients transform their IT strategy in order to deliver their business objectives. We have developed the reputation to tackle the most complex issues with the ability to optimise any aspect of IT delivery across the enterprise.

We focus on people, processes and tools across an enterprise, revolutionising performance. We are expert in using innovative solutions to deliver our clients’ strategic outcomes.

Our core services are:

  • IT Transformation
  • DevOps
  • Mainframe DevOps
  • System Integration
  • Domain expertise (Banking and Telco.)

We have a holacratic culture providing simple, flexible solutions that are disciplined and data driven to facilitate change. Our approach is agile and adaptive.

We are industry leading experts.We are at the cutting edge and provide thought leadership working with CIOs and CTOs, covering all aspects of DevOps, aligning Technology within the business. We can integrate vendor and open source tooling for bespoke market leading solutions.

We have deep integration expertise. We utilise our wealth of experience in integration drawn from over twelve years, across a wide range of industries and technologies, to overcome your integration challenges. We supply senior management and technical roles.

Sandhata’s key offerings are:

  • DevOps Advisory
  • Management Consulting– across all of our core service areas
  • Technology Consulting– across all of our core service areas

We specialise in bringing automation and DevOps to large enterprises in the financial services and telecoms sectors. Our strengths lie in liberating legacy technology to remove bottlenecks and enable our clients to achieve true velocity across all parts of the business.

Sandhata delivers solutions across the world. We have a head office in London supported by offshore delivery centres.

Sandhata’s core values are:

  • Thought leadership and innovation: We invest in industry and technical expertise.
  • Holistic Engagement Management: The core focus of all engagement is the business outcome.
  • Trust and Teamwork: We establish long term partnerships with our clients.
  • Ethical Behaviour and Integrity: Our reputation and employees are our most important assets.

Our experience is proven as a partner to many of the world’s most forward-thinking organisations within Finance, Banking and Telecommunications. With these organisations we foster a real desire to transform legacy infrastructure into future-proofed IT for business, staff and customers.

Our clients include:

Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, iSBANK, Nestle, RBS, ReLIANCE, Standard Bank, Vodafone

Our Technical Business Partners are:

XebiaLabs, TIBCO, CA Technologies, Compuware, DB Maestro

Download the DevOps for Mainframes solution overview to read about delivering ground breaking solutions for lean and responsive mainframes

Download The Sandhata DevOps Approach for more information on how to transform your DevOps journey with Sandhata Advisory Services