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Submissions welcome

Entering The European Software Testing Awards is an opportunity for the market as a whole to be acknowledged and praised. With such recognition comes self belief, enhanced awareness, the breeding of success, the attraction of fresh and bright talent, as well as bringing high levels of exposure and acclaim for individuals, teams, and organisations.

The European Software Testing Awards offers networking, interaction and chance to learn from Europe’s software testing elite.

Reasons to enter

  • A win at The European Software Testing Awards gives a seal of approval to your activities and is a sign of quality and high standards within your business

  • Just being shortlisted can boost your brand awareness and promote your business.

  • The European Software Testing Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of your employees, helping to boost staff morale

  • Being shortlisted can impress your business partners, clients, investors and potential investors.

  • Winning awards boosts your hiring stature within the market, helping to attract the very best talent.

  • By being on the shortlist you will be mentioned in the TEST Magazine and Software Testing News coverage of the Awards, and receive exposure amongst 35,000+ IT professionals in our vast and growing network.

  • The European Software Testing Awards evening is a great way to learn, to network and enhance professionalism with others from the software testing community

  • Winning the European Software Testing Awards will ensure email marketing coverage of your brand to our database of over 10,000 registered recipients raising your profile in the software testing community

What it takes…

The European Software Testing Awards is open to all individuals and businesses aligned with software testing and quality assurance, irrespective of a business or project size.

However, all entries must have an affiliation to Europe – for example if you are an Indian-based business, provided your project was on behalf of a European business or was conducted in Europe, then your entry will be accepted.

Companies that entered the awards in previous years


There is an in partnership rule enforced, please see below

‘In partnership with’ rule

Vendors can submit as many entries as they like directly or on behalf of their clients. Each vendor can benefit from entry association up to a maximum of ‘3 x in partnership with’

For example:

Client1 in partnership with Vendor

Client2 in partnership with Vendor

Client3 in partnership with Vendor

Remaining entries can be submitted under the vendor organisation’s name, or under the client organisation’s name.

Entry fees

£249 + VAT

Registrations and submissions received after 12PM GMT Friday 14 September will be subject to an additional 50% late fee.

Entry Terms & Conditions:

  1. All fees and charges are subject to VAT at 20% where applicable.
  2. All entry fees must be paid in full in order for your entry to be accepted in to the programme
  3. Once registered and the terms are accepted you are committed to pay in full for the entries selected
  4. All entry fees are non-refundable and a credit will not be provided, regardless if a final entry is submitted (subject to clause 9)
  5. All entries are judged anonymously by an independent panel and their decision is final
  6. The organisation name that is filled out on the entry form is what will be listed should the entry be shortlisted/win and cannot be changed after the entry has been submitted.
  7. Organisations must adhere to the ‘in partnership rule’ in place.
  8. A 3.5% card handling fee will be added at checkout.
  9. Cancellation of any entry must be in writing and be received within 7 days of entry registration.  On this basis the full fee will either be refunded or the amount credited/cancelled

If you’d like to discuss the entry process or have any questions about entering please get in touch with a member of the team: