Vornex is a provider of enterprise software testing solutions. Our flagship product, TimeShiftX is a date and time simulation software that lets you time travel software into the future or past for temporal testing or date shift testing to validate all date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, leap year, billing, rates, policies, etc.

TimeShiftX enables time travel (even inside Active Directory & Kerberos) without code changes, manual work, or server isolation in order to perform your forward date or back date testing with features including:

Instant Time Travel No code changes, no altering server clocks, no isolating servers. Just turn on TimeShiftX & start time traveling

Active Directory Compatibility Safely time travel inside Active Directory, Kerberos, LDAP, and other domain authentication protocols

Total App & DB Compatibility TimeShiftX enables time travel for all applications & databases such as SAP, SQL, Oracle, WAS, .NET, and others

Cross Platform, Cloud, Container Support TimeShiftX is compatible on all platforms & operating systems and can be run in the cloud and inside containers

Distributed Environment Time Shifting TimeShiftX allows you to easily temporal test large, distributed software stacks and environments.

Vornex services worldwide clients with date shifting who extend many industries including Banking, Finance, Healthcare, State & Local Government, Utility, and Insurance. In addition, Vornex works with industry leading IT consultants, 3rd party integrators, and VARs such as Accenture, CapGemini, Wipro, IBM Global Services, etc.

All these industries and enterprises rely on TimeShiftX to validate their date sensitive applications and accelerate their time of delivery. Vornex enables organisations to increase efficiency, reduce resources & cost, and improve corporate bottom line by providing TimeShiftX as an affordable solution that can fit any company’s IT budget