Traffic Parrot

Traffic Parrot for microservices

At Traffic Parrot, we help teams working with microservices accelerate delivery, improve quality, and reduce time-to-market by providing a tool for API mocking and service virtualization.

We also provide consulting services on test automation, API mocking and service virtualization.

Accelerate delivery, improve quality and reduce time-to-market

Traffic Parrot can help you with delivering your microservices:

  • Unblocking testers and developers waiting for APIs
  • Easier and faster to reproduce production bugs
  • Speed up setting up test data
  • Eliminate the need for scheduling time on environments
  • Reduce third-party transaction costs
  • Make your performance tests more reliable
  • Make automated builds run faster

Enjoy developing and testing your applications

Traffic Parrot is an API mocking and service virtualization tool. It simulates APIs and services so that you can test your microservice without having to worry about test data set up or environment availability.

Traffic Parrot is specifically designed to maximize developer and tester productivity when working in autonomous or cross-functional product teams. Small footprint (less than 100MB of disk space), lightweight but powerful, supporting HTTP, JMS, IBM MQ, File Transfers, gRPC and more.

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