TestDevLab was founded in 2011 by two ex-Skype engineers and today we work with product and engineering teams globally at both startups and Fortune 500 companies including Skype, WorldRemit, Orange, Microsoft, Twilio and Truecaller.

TestDevLab in a Nutshell:

100+ ISTQB certified engineers

500+ real devices for testing

We are based in Europe

We develop custom software testing solutions and products

1.5 billion people use the software that we test

Our clients can leverage TestDevLab’s extensive experience with software testing tools and a pool of over 500 devices (mobile devices, PCs, VR glasses, wearables etc.) to ship better products faster, overcoming the complexities of shipping software across a broad range of network and device environments.

We can work remotely and integrate in client’s teams to provide software quality assurance services ranging from manual to automated testing, security testing, usability testing and test planning and management for mobile, web and backend testing projects.

Our Advanced Services

Our clients value our dedication to creating advanced custom testing solutions and frameworks.

Audio & video testing lab – audio and video testing under different network conditions with different devices to assess various metrics of media quality.

Battery & data usage testing lab – with battery and data usage testing we can help determine leaks, compare results with your direct competition, make sure that new implementations are not introducing new leaks and more.

Our Products

Leveraging our extensive experience we’ve developed our own software testing products for mobile, web and backend testing.

Apimation – codeless functional and performance API test automation tool

Test48.com – cloud service for mobile (Android, iOS) application testing. Finalist of European Software Testing Awards 2017.

Loadero – tool that simulates traffic to web applications with tons of user configurations available (multiple browsers, region support as well as simulated media streams)

Appbench.io – fully automated service that will scan your Android application for vulnerabilities and other security issues.