Mobile Labs

Truly agile mobile app deployment overcomes challenges developers and testers face sharing devices, collaborating effectively, and coping with the plethora of device types and OS versions. The right technology and expertise get teams moving faster, keeps them moving, and helps achieve both higher quality and reduced time to market.

Since 2012, Mobile Labs has been the market-leading provider of in-house device clouds that bring order and agility to mobile testing and development by connecting remote, shared smartphones and tablets to mobile web, gaming, and app engineering teams. Its patented mobile device cloud, deviceConnect™ is available on-premises or hosted in a secure data center and features dedicated devices that provide high levels of security in a cost-effective manner.

deviceConnect gets teams moving with world-class manual testing performance, easy to manage continuous integration and continuous testing, and an “instant-on” Appium server and scripting productivity tools. Developers and testers can debug, check code, and test using Xcode or Android Studio. Our high-performing Appium server speeds script startup and runs more concurrent tests. Powerful real-time metrics help engineers fine-tune app performance.

With deviceConnect, enterprise mobility teams can manage cloud access and activity. Designed for both testing and development teams, deviceConnect’s powerful console manages, tracks, and monitors devices and apps. Engineers – regardless of location – can remotely access and share Android™ and Apple® smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Labs wants to be a partner in your success. Try our advanced technology and get to know our world-class support team. Welcome to the future of mobile application testing, mobile website testing, and mobile device sharing in the cloud. It’s secure, fast, cost-effective, accurate, and easy. For more information please visit