Basis Technologies

DevOps and Test Automation for SAP

Basis Technologies provides a complete automated DevOps and testing platform engineered for SAP applications, featuring flagship products Testimony and ActiveControl. Their automation technology massively reduces the time and effort needed to execute change and testing. Users are able to maintain better competitive agility by responding more quickly to market opportunities while simultaneously reducing costs and lowering risk.

Many of the world’s largest brands, including BP, Honda, and Polo Ralph Lauren, use Basis Technologies’ automation to accelerate innovation and ensure continuous quality and agile delivery across SAP software landscapes.

Testing without scripts

Testimony is a unique test automation solution that employs a revolutionary new approach – Robotic Test Automation (RTA) – to reinvent SAP regression testing.

Robotic Test Automation eliminates the pain and expense of traditional regression testing methods, whether automated or manual. It eliminates scripting and test maintenance, instead automatically learning and validating system behavior without user intervention to protect critical processes from unintended consequences of change, and provides the confidence your business needs to operate at high speed.

In addition to this increase in testing efficiency, Testimony reduces business risk by going beyond the UI. Server-side instrumentation of SAP systems is used to create test libraries with massively greater coverage, including interactions and processes like RFCs, BAPIs and batch jobs which cannot normally be addressed during regression testing.

Benefits of Testimony

  • Eliminate manual effort: automatically create, execute and update test cases
  • Accelerate transformation projects, upgrades, and updates
  • Start testing in a matter of days for fast, sustainable ROI
  • Test beyond the user interface to increase confidence and reduce risk
  • Increase development efficiency by shifting regression testing left
  • Reduce the cost of testing
  • Liberate functional experts to focus on value-add activity
  • Enhance DevOps for SAP through automated continuous testing