Odin Technology are providers of automated solutions to organisations at any stage of development. From Start-ups and SME’s looking to make efficiencies in their software development process by adopting automation to Enterprises aiming to provide a standardised and repeatable approach to automated testing as they adopt DevOps practices across their project teams. By adopting low-code principles, AI and innovative code generation techniques Odin’s products enable QA specialists particularly non-coders to develop automated test scripts at scale.

The Scriptworks platform is aimed at Start-ups and SMEs on a subscription basis. It provides businesses with a simple drag and drop visual programming interface for automated test creation, and provides a complete framework for testing APIs, Mobile, Web and Desktop applications out of the box. Scriptworks adopts AI to provide reliable and repeatable test scripts and ensure that your apps are delivered quickly and at high quality.

The Axe Enterprise Test Automation platform is trusted by Government departments, Central Banks, Systems Integrators and global enterprises in multiple sectors to provide a standard approach, guidelines and tooling for adopting automated testing across the enterprise at scale. Axe enables organisations to operate a distributed or Technical Center of Excellence model with QA Specialists, particularly non-coders, forming the core of automated testing teams regardless of underlying technical stacks, toolsets or development methodologies.