Clariter Group

Clariter is dedicated to improving your digital reputation through a unique combination of full traditional QA & testing practice and cutting-edge solutions such as continuous automation, performance & fine tuning testing as well as its innovative Crowdtesting services. Clariter group have businesses in the UK, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Clariter’s value proposition is based on Qalya Suite which has its roots in QA & Testing and includes a spectrum of linked services including Change Management Consulting, Crowdtesting & Customer Experience, Product and Brand Reputation, extending to Cybersecurity and Digital Solutions.

In its innovate Testing Center of Excellence, operates a multidisciplinary and multilingual team continuously engaged alongside large national and international customers. Clariter has developed significant experience in conducting complex testing projects, customer experience, insourcing and supporting the creation of testing service organisations. Clariter, thanks to its distinctive features, is a partner of leading customers in Europe, the UK and the US.