Vadim Delendik
Chief Technology Officer
Zebrunner Inc

Vadim has 15+ years of expertise in enterprise software development in EPAM systems, building enterprise automation solutions for Oracle, Pentaho, etc. Vadim has resulted in a series of open-source test automation projects – Carina, Zafira, QPS-Infra – highly acclaimed by the QA industry.

Business Evolution: The Cost of Test Automation

Is your business changing very fast? And you don’t know how to handle your tests automation at a high quality?

Obviously, many factors impact the business and make it grow or fail. So it’s very important to know how to not increase expenses within the business growth and potential risks.

When the product becomes mature, the test coverage is growing because of new functionality and additional user scenarios. All this makes it possible to enhance the infrastructure and maintain it, hire more specialists and onboard them.