Tim Gould

Test Engineering Manager
Nationwide Building Society

I’m an engineering manager in Nationwide Building society lead and I lead testing and quality across a portfolio for our Test Community of Practice.  I’ve spent nearly 25 years in software testing,  helping many companies and institutions (utilities, motor manufacturers, PC companies, banks, govt agencies) develop quality in their products.  Through that time I’ve seen many changes in the skillsets required of software development and quality professionals including the rise of Automation, Agile, DevOps and the SDET.  Now my preoccupation is with how we can recruit, retain and develop people to build quality into our software.

Building a Better Tester

How do you build a tester?  What are the true skills needed in individuals to help make quality an intrinsic part of the Software Development Lifecycle?  What are the things that a modern quality professional should know? Do you start with technical skills or is the mindset the most important?  Can you develop that mindset?  I’ll put forward my answers to these questions and ideas about what we do next.  Based on my experience of software development, quality and how the roles have changed over the last 25 years.