Kiran Kumar Maroju
Head of Quality Assurance

Kiran Maroju is a problem solver, strategist, and technology enthusiast having 16+ years of experience in implementing Quality Assurance best practices that delivered multiple successful programs in a variety of domains like E-Commerce (Dell), Financial Services (BT), Insurance (SSP), and IOT Telecommunications (Eseye).

He loves exploring new technologies and believes in democratizing cutting-edge technologies to ensure sustainability. He helps friends and family in upgrading old computing devices to reduce E-Wastage.


Title: Ensuring Quality and Connectivity in IoT Projects

Abstract: The success of most IoT projects depends on Quality and Connectivity. The main challenge of IoT projects is the sheer number of Use Cases that require bespoke solutions in terms of device types and communication modes. This presentation outlines the Quality Assurance best practices that will ensure successful IoT project deliveries regardless of the Use Case.