Tanvi (Chouhan) Nanda
Quality Engineering Manager

I have nearly two decades of experience in IT predominantly in Software Test Automation, Exploratory & Testing.

​I am experienced in Test team building & automation transformation in companies such as Telegraph Media, Lloyds Banking & Yobota. In my experience , I coached implementing best practices in test automation & continuous delivery with early feedback in terms of performance, UI functional & security testing (Shift Left). We also moved from Python Selenium to Cypress IO for UI & API tests.

In the past, I also had the privilege to work for great products like Gmail, Google App for the domain, Lloyds Banking Chat Bot, Yobota Loan Services, Trainline, BBC iPlayer, HMRC, DVLA, Virgin Atlantic Airways, SKY Setup boxes, eBay Classified, Expedia & Nokia.

I am passionate about coaching, in the pre-covid era, I occasionally conduct classroom training sessions for Cucumber BDD, Selenium & Gatling. Authored a books “The Ultimate Cypress Book” & “Master Selenium Web Driver programming in Java”, which are available on Amazon.

In my free time I have been working on a meditation APP which has a presence in the play stores (Apple & Google) with 1K downloads, and is free of cost without any Ads.


Title: Salesforce test automation with pyrestBDD