Sunav Sodhani
Sr. Android QA Engineer

Sunav is a testing engineer since last 8+ years. His major experience has been in Mobile Application Testing. He is currently working at Badoo since last 3 years, one of the biggest dating app in the world. He loves working in agile teams. Infact he spent 5 years working in a startup with just 6 people and grew till a 250 employee company. He loves interacting with people and is always keen to know how companies and teams use and mould different agile methodologies to deliver a better product for end users.


May the Test Automation be with you!

There is no doubt in saying that test automation gives a lot of value in our development cycle. It is an integral part of speedy release of your product to customers. But do we extract the best out of our test automation? Does our test automation provides enough level of confidence to our developers and manual QA? Moreover, do we utilise our manual QA’s expertise for our test automation? At Badoo, we faced similar questions and soon realised there was a gap we needed to address. Gap between manual & automation QA and also between developers and automation QA. During my talk, I’ll share the techniques how we solved this problem, as well as the issues we face today and our plans for the future.