Stylianos Taxidis
Head of Data Science

A Head of data science who builds and manages high performing data science teams that cut across silos.Specialising in developing processes and tools to effectively resolve business problems, drive insight from customer data and deliver business value through the combination of data science and product management. Excels in strategically building products that lead into the development of a single platform that expedites business value realisation. Led teams in all areas of data science, analytics and machine learning engineering while prioritising detailed engineering and operational decisions. Finalist of the Tech Leader of the year awards for 2019. Being an open-source advocate has led me to collaborate with universities and communities, I have been a public speaker for data science product strategy, scaling data science functions and delivering business value. Co-founder and proud member of the AI leaders community trying to shape and assist the AI leaders of the future.


Title: Delivering Business Value through Data Science Products

Abstract:  In the current environment of the 4th Industrial Revolution every company is creating DS/ML/AI departments but not every company is receiving the expected ROI. One of the ways to ensure return of business value is to structure your teams in DS product teams merging CRISP DM and Scrum and altering the roles of PO while introducing the role of Technical Lead. This is a journey full of pitfalls and opportunities for the organisation as there is not enough experience on best practice yet and your stakeholders attitude changes through the product development lifecycle. The presentation aims to fill that gap by provide knowledge abstracted to be applied in any industry from the author’s learnings (practical & theoretical).