Stuart Makin
Head of QA & Test
O2 (Telefónica UK)

Stuart has over 18 years Telecoms delivery experience and is the Head of QA & Test across O2 Telefonica.  Stuart leads teams of permanent QA & Test professionals and a managed service of QA & Test experts to ensure all products and services are delivered to the best possible outcome.  Over the last 2 years Stuart has transformed the way the organisation delivers quality at speed.  In this session Stuart will talk about the need to continually improve quality through the impact of people, process and technology.


  • QA & Test Transformation
  • Programme & Project Management
  • Managed Services
  • Salesforce & CPQ Delivery
  • Consumer and B2B Delivery

Transforming QA & Test delivery to meet the demands of the business

How often have you heard your business stakeholders say your quality is really good, but your delivery is simply too slow and your costs are too high? Expectations are higher than ever. Stuart, through his own delivery experiences, will talk about the need to continually transform to deliver quality at speed, through people, processes and technology. He will cover the tactical steps, the lessons learnt throughout the journey, and recommendations for successful transformations.