Stuart Day

Head of Quality

Stuart is a software delivery professional with over 23 years of experience as an advocate of delivering high-quality value to customers at speed. He is a Quality Coach, Cert. Agile Coach and international speaker with a wealth of experience in both Agile, Digital and Business Agility transformation. He has a real passion for people and their success. Focusing on enabling and supporting their personal development and their career journeys. Currently, Stuart is the Head of Quality at Dunelm Soft Furnishings, building a Culture of Quality and enabling continuous quality throughout the organisation’s technology landscape

Chris Henderson

Principal Quality Engineer


Chris has been in Quality focused roles for the last 8 years and currently works as a Principal Quality Engineer at Dunelm.He has a previous background in Motor Manufacturing where he spent nearly 10 years before transitioning into the Software Technology sector.He not only has a passion for Quality but also a passion for people. Focusing on building honest relationships through transparency and trust. Always seeking to empower others to reach their full potential and achieve their own personal goals

Title: Quality Engineering – Growing A Career Beyond Testing

AbstractIn today’s fast paced technology driven world, organisations are constantly having to evolve whilst striving to deliver high quality value to their customers faster and faster. This is also true for those people that work for these organisations.The activity of Software Testing alone is no longer sufficient to support these needs and therefore the traditional role of the software tester has needed to evolve, and continues to do so towards quality engineering and continuous quality.With this comes the need to develop different skills, behaviours, ways of working and mindsets, but we can’t just expect people to magically develop and grow these skills.So how can we create the learning culture and career paths to support and enable people, and provide them with the opportunities to identify and grow these new skills alongside their careers in this new direction?In this talk, Stuart Day (Head of Quality) and Chris Henderson (Principal Quality Engineer) will share their thoughts, experiences and ideas to answers these questions along with how they are trying to do this at Dunelm