Sriram Angajala
Software Developer
Sainsbury’s Digital

I have 15 years of experience in software automation testing and Lead SDET with developer level skills in java, python and JavaScript. I have been creating automation frameworks as a test architect to solve the testing problems and added them in. CI and CD pipeline to reduce the release cycle times and increase quality. I also have mentored the QA’s in team on cross and upskilling on latest testing technologies like cypress and python selenium tools. I also have been implementing the BDD and TDD culture and increasing the use of cloud technologies like AWS in test automation at all levels. With my development skills implemented tests in unit, integration, end to end and browser levels. 

How to test Data Science projects

Writing tests for specific modules improves the stability of your code and makes mistakes easier to spot. Especially when working on large data science projects, having proper tests is essentially a basic need. No data solution is complete without some form of testing This talk from Sriram will focus on a small, but very important and arguably the foundation of testing. I will discuss in detail why testing is necessary, what unit tests are, and how to integrate them into your Data Science projects.