Shashikant Jagtap
XCTEQ Limited

Shashikant is a Mobile DevOps practitioner, interested in AI-based test automation, CI/CD and infrastructure automation for mobile apps. He writes active blogs on Mobile CI/CD pipelines and Test Automation techniques. Apart from tech blogging, he also writes and contributes to open-source projects. Check out his blog on


Choosing a CI friendly Mobile Test Automation Framework

While developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, it’s always challenging to select the technology stacks. The choice of going with native tools is smarter but it costs more. On the other side, cross-platform solutions like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin might not produce native’ish apps. Although, we managed to select the tech stack for mobile development, its harder to select the proper mobile test automation framework for selected technology stack. As there are loads of choices available in the market like Appium with various flavor, XCUITest, Expresso, Flutter Drive, Detox etc. Choosing the mobile test automation framework which works for both developers, automation engineers, CI/CD pipeline isn’t easy. In this talk, we will explore

– What are the mobile test automation frameworks available at the moment for iOS and Android?
– Which Mobile Test Automation framework suits your technology stack
– Considering Mobile Test Automation framework with existing CI/CD pipeline
– Things to consider before making a decision
– Making adopted mobile test automation flexible with current CI/CD pipelines.

At the end of this talk, you will know what are the Mobile Test automation tools and Mobile CI tools/services available in the market. What to consider while making the decision on Mobile Test Automation tools. Again there is no such thing as a perfect tool but you should be able to evaluate which one might be perfect for your current mobile project.