Shajahan Pulikkal

QA Automation Architect
UST Global

Shajahan is an automation engineering focused professional with 14 years of experience. He has worked in the UK, India and America on different QA roles for a successful transformation of projects into automated testing and BDD. He is currently working in Nottingham UK as an automation test architect. He is passionate in developing innovative tools for QA and providing strategic solution for test automation. Tech City UK has endorsed him as an “Emerging world technical leader” and he has published papers on test automation in SIGIST as part of the British Computer Society Charted Institute of IT.


‘Auto Pay Test’ — Automated ZERO scripting framework for RTP Testing

“RtP allows customers to access flexible payment solutions. ‘Auto Pay Test’ allows you to get to market quicker”

Pay.UK has recently announced a new secure messaging framework called Request To Pay (RTP). It is an overlay on top of existing payments infrastructure as a new flexible way to manage and settle bills between businesses and organisations as well as among friends. Everyone in the UK from large corporates to individuals will use it, especially for those needing more flexibility with payments.

‘Auto Pay Test’ is a generic template-based script-less automation technique for RTP based products rather than traditional test automation or model-based script-less automation. We don’t need to record or capture the  behaviour of any API  applications under test. A generic solution in central cloud as microservices is  capable to handle all possible API  application behaviours dynamically. Any client can trigger this solution microservices and can start the automated test execution in the first hour itself.

It eliminates any test design and test script preparation effort for RTP APIs (or any other API products) which in turn reduces the cost of quality and accelerates the speed to market. To summarise this solution helps to launch RTP  services 400% faster with Zero scripting.