Samuel Plantie
IP/IT Lawyer

Samuel Plantie is Privacy Counsel at Outbrain. He is a Data Protection Expert and an IP/IT Lawyer, with over 6 years of experience in providing legal advice in intellectual property, information technology, contract drafting, commercial litigation and data protection. He has excellent knowledge of the global digital market with a strong interest for consumer and competition law issues. His last focus are AI and data ethics, the articulation of blockchain technology with data protection requirements, and developments in AdTech, digital advertising and ePrivacy.


Data ethics considerations for software using AI and algorithms

There are several regulatory considerations to take into account at the earliest stages when developing a software, from intellectual property to privacy and security. For software based on algorithms and AI, ethics by design is also an important prerequisite. Avoiding biases, understanding outcomes, being able to provide information and meaningful review to end users is critical for the success of software relying on AI. A biased software can lead to serious backlash and potentially having to take down a product altogether. In this presentation, Samuel Plantie will review the different steps to take in software development to avoid the most common shortcomings.