Sabrina C E Bruce
Co-Founder, director & consultant
Agile World

Sabrina C E Bruce, founder of Agile World the co-host of the Agile World English Language Show. She is an agile coach in business transformation who works with leadership and teams. She has a passion for uncovering their behaviours that allows them to be the very best they can be in the workplace.

She is also passionate about using the agile mindset in everything she does, including with her family at home. She used a Kanban approach to plan her own wedding and continues to use us one to plan her home life.

She has a track record for training and enhancing Scrum Teams in agile principles. They may or may not have a traditional waterfall background. She enables them to select methodologies to work more efficiently and continue to set expectations. She has been coaching and training using many different agile methodologies as well as having experience in scaling agile. She regularly keeps herself up to date with new agile ways of working by attending many conferences and webinars as well as being an advisor for Scrum Alliance. Agile is not just a job for her it’s a passion.

She is a freelance independent contractor and has worked as an Agile Professional for companies in many different sectors such as Telecommunications, Utilities, Digital Retail, Health Care, Government, Finance with some big named brands.


Agile Myths you thought True

The business world is awash with myths and miscommunications about Agile, what is gained, what changes and how it really works. In this session, Sabrina and Karl Hosts of Agile World talk show share some insights gleaned from their guests and reflect upon them from the experience of their own external consultancy work.