Roshni Nambiar
Test Manager

Roshni has 16 years testing experience in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies covering a wide range of projects and programmes. She has worked in a variety of industries, including Telecom, Government and Banking. Roshni has a successful track record of delivering projects across complex work streams in Public sector, Telco and Banking domains. With strong delivery management skills, key areas of expertise include: programme management, defining test policy, implementing test strategies, understanding and analysing complex business requirements, defining test framework using DevOps and Agile methodology, and addressing complex business challenges by enabling rapid recovery of failing programmes. Roshni’s strong leadership abilities are evidenced in her experience managing testing across multi-vendor, multi-supplier programmes, applying risk-based approaches and influencing stakeholders on methodology.

Prakash Sabnis
Senior Management Consulting Professional

Prakash Sabnis is a senior management consulting professional with over 20 years of experience leading transformational change programs for global clients. He has demonstrated success delivering rapid results in market leading companies. He assists organizations in executing a broad range of Strategy and Operations initiatives to drive performance improvements in Finance, Procurement and Supply Chains


Title: ERP implementations : realising business outcomes

Abstract: How often have you heard your colleagues discussing long, painful, extremely complex ERP implementations? Why are they difficult and if they are this difficult why do organisations go through these large scale changes? Through this talk, Roshni and Prakash provide you with a bird’s eye view of what ERP implementations are how they can be done to drive the right business outcomes.