Rob Catton
Infinity Works

Rob is a software consultant from Leeds, and has been in the industry for 4 years. With a speciality in testing, Rob has focussed his efforts on improving quality at all levels of the SDL, but is also especially keen on improving the working practices within teams. His experiences lies within web apps, mobile apps and microservices, within the telecommunications, gambling and commercial sectors.


Misused & Abused Ideas in Software Development

Within the testing industry there are a million and 1 great ideas, but there are many more ways that those ideas can be misused. Many great ideas such as microservices, UI automation and Agile end up with a bad name not because of the idea itself but because of a terrible usage of the idea! In this presentation we will tackle a number of these topics ranging from story points and scrum ceremonies through to deployment pipelines, specific tools (Jenkins, Selenium) and the overall role of a tester. We’ll tell you in no uncertain terms different ways we think each one has been abused over the years and then we’ll give you our take on the correct usage of each! Only interested in certain topics? Not a problem…we let the audience choose the topics we talk about from an extensive list!