Richard Self
Senior Lecturer in Governance of Advanced and Emerging Technologies
University of Derby

Richard has taken a leading role in the field of Governance in the Department of Electronics, Computing and Maths at the University of Derby. He has used the principles of Governance in teaching Big Data, Analytics and Blockchain over the last few years. Each year, his final year students research and critically evaluate some element of new, leading edge technologies against governance principles. In 2018 they have researched and critically evaluated Blockchain Applications with some very important conclusions.
Before he worked at the University of Derby, Richard lead a range of IT related projects at Rolls-Royce Aerospace which provided an strong background in requirements’ capture and the testing of major enterprise systems.

Why is our software still so Unreliable?

Modern software from almost all sources is less reliable and more fragile than it used to be. Software from many sources is kept in a permanent Beta state with weekly or monthly updates. Various reports suggest that a large proportion of the working population spend up to 10 hours a week on unproductive activities compensating for software and functionality failures and lack of integration.

This raises the question of “can better software testing be implemented that results in much higher quality software?”

This presentation will explore the history and brief analysis of the problem and lead to some suggestions for the way forward.