Rhiannon Thomas
Credit Risk Portfolio Test & Release Manager

Rhiannon has been working in testing for over twenty years. She has covered manual, automated and non-functional testing and has built and managed high maturity teams, both onshore and offshore.
Rhiannon’s primary experience has been gained in banking and finance, although has also worked in the retail and media sectors. She is keen to do the right testing in the right way, yet with a pragmatic approach.

Communicating Testing to Stakeholders

How do we know what to communicate in testing? Who do we need to communicate to? What do we want them to take aways, and learn from us?

We need to be able to communicate testing to stakeholders at different points in the testing journey. The key messages should be simple, easy to digest and conveyed clearly.

This session will help to provide hints and tips on how to ensure that our testing story is heard.