Daryl Elfield
Partner, Testing Services

Daryl has over 25 years of experience in testing, predominantly in Financial Services, covering Banking, Insurance and Investment Management from a software quality perspective, with a proven track record of test leadership and cost reduction. Daryl has delivered over 100 projects at all levels of complexity with specific expertise in software quality assurance, automation and performance testing. He has built test functions at sub, divisional and cross-divisional level and conducted test audits of major corporations in banking, pharmaceuticals, public and media sectors. For the past 8 years, Daryl has built, grown and now operates KPMG’s award-winning Quality Engineering and Testing Services practice.

Moronke Fajobi
Chapter Lead Quality Engineer
Lloyds Banking Group

I am a Quality Engineering Chapter lead in Lloyds Banking group with over 18 years of software testing and development experience where I have worked across multiple platforms.

I lead software testing across our financial wellbeing portfolio, managing and improving testing practices using latest tools and technologies and appropriate processes. I also coach and mentor teams to understand Quality as a responsibility of every squad member, how to achieve shift left testing and develop a shift in culture and mindset towards developing a Quality product as well achieving increased productivity and pace.

Stuart Day
Head of Quality

Stuart is a software delivery professional with over 23 years of experience as an advocate of delivering high-quality value to customers at speed. He is a Quality Coach, Cert. Agile Coach and international speaker with a wealth of experience in both Agile, Digital and Business Agility transformation. He has a real passion for people and their success. Focusing on enabling and supporting their personal development and their career journeys. Currently, Stuart is the Head of Quality at Dunelm Soft Furnishings, building a Culture of Quality and enabling continuous quality throughout the organisation’s technology landscape