Priya Raju
Director, Technology Transformation

Highly motivated IT consulting leader with over 20 years of experience developing and implementing innovative IT solutions enabling business to exploit market opportunities and provide better customer experience. Experienced in building strategies and roadmaps to assist organisations in their Digital Transformation journeys, including adopting new technologies, Cloud, DevOps and Agile ways of working.

Hosting Workshop

QA challenges for FinTech- enabled Digital Transformation

In this workshop we will discuss how to maximise the benefits of  SaaS and FinTech in digital transformation whilst providing appropriate  QA and risk management.  We will cover:

  1. Why it is key for organisations to embrace FinTech(s) and SaaS providers?
  2. What are the big shifts and key challenges?
  3. How to manage risks effectively?
  4. How to realign QA and Testing?