Priya Gandhi
Director of Quality
Aristocrat Technology Inc

Priya is the Director of Quality at Aristocrat Technology Inc. Holding degrees in Engineering and IT Marketing, she uses her knowledge and expertise in Automation and Emerging Tech to inspire her team and improve their digital processes especially quality. Priya has a pragmatic style of leadership and is passionate about making the workplace a better place for her team, both in its culture and in its workflow. She can often be found reading up on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation, some of her personal interests.


Title: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for Software Testing

Abstract: The first step to get into emerging technology is to bust the myths, simplify all the jargons around it and to create an awareness of what Artificial Intelligence is and what it’s not. This session is for anyone who would like to know what is AI, ML and DL and how best to apply these technologies in realtime to bring sustainable automation within Software Testing