Krishnan Shukla




Krishan provides consultancy/training in a variety of development, devops and testing/QA related areas. He has built divisional, company-wide, cross-geography level technical test functions in banking, Insurance, public and e-commerce sectors. He delivered and set-up automation and NFT testing capabilities for various well-known clients in the UK for the past many years.
Currently, Krishan is providing technical QA services to the end clients of Aryeet

Title: Performance testing of serverless architecture in cloud (AWS)

Abstract:  This workshop will give you the understanding of performance testing of serverless architecture into the cloud environment. We will use AWS cloud to build serverless applications. Jmeter will be used for load testing.
Jmeter will be used in the demo but you can use other open-source tools in your day to day working.  The workshop will cover following three parts :

  1. Creating a serverless application in AWS
  2. Creating, executing performance tests.
  3. Take away to improve further