Paul Dragoonis
Dragoonis Technologies

  • Open source contributor
  • A member of the Jenkins (Blue Ocean and JenkinsX) projects.
  • A member of the PHP core language team, and PHP-FIG member and standards author.
  •  A member of the CDF (Continuous Delivery Foundation), which is part of the Linux Foundation.

Paul works as an independent consultant in roles ranging from CTO, to Head of Engineering, to principal architect/developer/QA/DevOps consultant.

Paul spends a significant amount of his time rolling out CI/CD pipelines, and embedding continuous delivery processes and solutions into companies in the public and private sector.

Paul is very passionate about what he does and enjoys sharing his experiences with the wider community by way of private training or conference/meetup speaking.


Title: The Future of Continuous Delivery

Abstract: It’s the year 2022, an exciting time for the tech industry. Globally, software organizations and internet companies are delivering more and more software, at a rate and scale that we’ve never faced before.

This unprecedented demand has created new challenges for us all, which have been hurting our organizations when creating continuous delivery solutions.

The great thing about these new challenges is that they’ve sparked new and amazing innovations in the CI/CD industry. In this Paul Dragoonis talks about the following:

  • What new innovations the CI/CD, Cloud Native and Open Source communities have been developing.
  • Where these innovations are taking the world of continuous delivery.
  • What to expect, from the CD community, later this year, and into the future